Real Estate is Still King

There are tax incentives, credits in place now for first home buyers.  If you still have the cash, and you will have to prove it, steady income, and good credit the new home can be yours. You don’t always have to put 20% down either.  I have it from a very reliable mortgage banker that he has written deals recently in the 5-10% down category.

Federal tax credit of $8000 is due to expire the end of November this year.  The state of New York is giving a 20% tax credit on your mortgage interest for this year too.  Will it continue next year?  Stay tuned to find out.  More homes are still coming on the market at all price ranges.  I’ve shown many homes in the last month on the North Fork for less than $400,000.  On the South Fork, or The Hamptons, you can now buy a home with ocean view on Dune Road for less than $4Million.  Many homes on Dune Road have for sale signs and even more are discreetly for sale, meaning, no visible signs. There are lots of people looking.  There are people buying.   Will you be one of them?


As with Soulmates So with Your Career

Most everyone has heard of soul mates. You know, the intrinsically connected soul on this earth that once you meet them you will know you were ( and have been) meant to be together. You’ve known each other in past lives and all is well with the world when you meet. Bells ring, harmonic convergence happens, flowers bloom, birds sing, rose pedals and bubble baths fill your mind. All around and inescapably you two are drawn together forever. You can’t run from it if you try. Sometimes it is more like acid and sandpaper than bubble bath and rose pedals but that is for another blog. All right well, as for your career so to it should be. In graduate school the key to the whole enchilada was figuring out where you fit. That’s right, that’s it. Know what kind of organization you fit in. Of course the management course and Harvard Case Studies all help you prepare for all the shades of gray you will encounter. And, if you don’t fit anywhere, then you were meant to be an entrepreneur. Intrinsically upon entering an office building I can have good vibes or bad vibes. Is this place a fit or not is something I think when interviewing. I remember my first real job after college in advertising.  I was literally limping crossing Broadway in NYC heading toward the front door. Beautiful marble floors welcomed me and the elevators all shiny and brass took me up to the right floor. I had blisters on my feet from wearing the wrong shoes. When I announced to the receptionist who I was and who I was there to see I asked rather matter of factly “Would you have any band aids?” She said OH YES! She opened her desk drawer and took a couple out and handed them to me. This is my kind of place I thought! No problem she said I always keep a supply here. I exuded happiness and contentment and was eventually hired.  It was the right fit.

Venus Opposes Pluto at 1 degree

I have to go to more craft fairs.  I was concerned a few weekends ago when I saw on my astrological calendar that on Saturday Venus was opposing Pluto.  I checked in with my trusted astrologer who assured me this was not a concern. I was actually to expect a good financial return that day.  Stopping by the craft fair in Cutchogue  I entered two tickets for a Chinese Auction.  Two tickets, two bags only.  One bag had no tickets in it and it was for a picture frame.  The other had many tickets and was for a $25 spa gift certificate.  $2 bet on the tickets is not much invested so why not?  Later that evening I received a call that I won the spa gift.  I went to pick up the prize a couple days later only to find out I won both prizes the picture frame and the spa gift.  Last year, in 2008 I had won a fresh water pearl bracelet at the Shelter Island Craft Fair on a $2 investment worth about $60.  Not too bad.  I need to attend more craft fairs.

Can’t Afford it? Barter!

If you can’t afford a service or product have you tried to barter?  Bartering has been going on since the dawn of time in some form or another.  Pioneers traded furs and clothing for seeds, food, and other goods.  You of course have great services or talents to offer in exchange for that product or service you may not be able to afford at this point in time.  I have done barter in the past for a legal contract.  I helped an up and coming lawyer with some marketing and public relations advice.  She advised me she barters for her computer tech services.  The idea is to keep as close to actual costs as possible.  If one side is running up a credit and the other has a huge debit that can end the efficiency of barterdom.  This is helpful for many various services.  Who doesn’t need some additional positive publicity in this stagnant market.  Not everyone can hold a candle to their own light and let them see what they can offer the world.  Whether your expertise is accounting, finance, advertising, art consultant, or landscaper get thinking how you might be able to barter your services for some needed services for yourself.  Try to think out of the box and be flexible.