Venus Opposes Pluto at 1 degree

I have to go to more craft fairs.  I was concerned a few weekends ago when I saw on my astrological calendar that on Saturday Venus was opposing Pluto.  I checked in with my trusted astrologer who assured me this was not a concern. I was actually to expect a good financial return that day.  Stopping by the craft fair in Cutchogue  I entered two tickets for a Chinese Auction.  Two tickets, two bags only.  One bag had no tickets in it and it was for a picture frame.  The other had many tickets and was for a $25 spa gift certificate.  $2 bet on the tickets is not much invested so why not?  Later that evening I received a call that I won the spa gift.  I went to pick up the prize a couple days later only to find out I won both prizes the picture frame and the spa gift.  Last year, in 2008 I had won a fresh water pearl bracelet at the Shelter Island Craft Fair on a $2 investment worth about $60.  Not too bad.  I need to attend more craft fairs.


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