As with Soulmates So with Your Career

Most everyone has heard of soul mates. You know, the intrinsically connected soul on this earth that once you meet them you will know you were ( and have been) meant to be together. You’ve known each other in past lives and all is well with the world when you meet. Bells ring, harmonic convergence happens, flowers bloom, birds sing, rose pedals and bubble baths fill your mind. All around and inescapably you two are drawn together forever. You can’t run from it if you try. Sometimes it is more like acid and sandpaper than bubble bath and rose pedals but that is for another blog. All right well, as for your career so to it should be. In graduate school the key to the whole enchilada was figuring out where you fit. That’s right, that’s it. Know what kind of organization you fit in. Of course the management course and Harvard Case Studies all help you prepare for all the shades of gray you will encounter. And, if you don’t fit anywhere, then you were meant to be an entrepreneur. Intrinsically upon entering an office building I can have good vibes or bad vibes. Is this place a fit or not is something I think when interviewing. I remember my first real job after college in advertising.  I was literally limping crossing Broadway in NYC heading toward the front door. Beautiful marble floors welcomed me and the elevators all shiny and brass took me up to the right floor. I had blisters on my feet from wearing the wrong shoes. When I announced to the receptionist who I was and who I was there to see I asked rather matter of factly “Would you have any band aids?” She said OH YES! She opened her desk drawer and took a couple out and handed them to me. This is my kind of place I thought! No problem she said I always keep a supply here. I exuded happiness and contentment and was eventually hired.  It was the right fit.


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