Having a tough time? Look to the Stars.

We’ve seen a lot of bad behavior lately in the news.  Some surprising winners were in the news too.  Serena blew up at the U.S. Open and was penalized and fined. It cost her the match.  A few notable men misbehaved too, even Federer got fined for cursing. What?? We saw Kanye West blurt out his own opinion when another singer was actually saying her acceptance speech on the VMA’s.  Roger Federer lost to a relative unknown 20-year-old Argentinian Del Porto. Jon of Jon and Kate plus eight has been caught with his pants down, again, and his former younger Kate (not his wife) has called him an outright liar.  And that’s just notables, celebrities and those on the news.  What’s been blurting out in your own lives, corporate offices, and social scenes?  Blame it on Mercury retrograde and some harsh planetary oppositions and conjunctions. Most people have heard of Mercury (the planet of communication) and when it goes retrograde, communications, the things it rules all get haywire some of the time.  This time more so. Also, Uranus (new, innovation, surprises) is opposing Saturn (old stalwart, conservative, trying) which can account for the Federer loss and Del Porto win. It can also account for all the unseeded players, mostly women, beating the older, seeded, tennis professionals.  Interesting?  I thought so when I began to see it playing  out.  The last time Uranus and Saturn were opposed was last year exactly on the day of the U.S. election.  Obama won, Mc Cain lost.  Who do you think represented Uranus, and who represented Saturn?  Whether you’ve seen your home lives and office lives play out in similar fashion probably depends on  your exact planetary alignment and how it is affected right now.  Mercury returns to forward position on September 29.  The other oppositions and squares, calm down by then too. Until then, keep a close watch on all your communications, what is being said, how and where your money is going.  This too shall pass.