In Many Ways it is a New Year

Well Congress has finally come back and said YES! to extending the first time home buyer tax credit of $8000.  This will continue until at least April of next year.  First time home buyers are being encouraged to keep the trend going as long as they have the jobs and income to qualify them for all the nuts and bolts of the program.  This is a small indication of  housing prices staying put for now and the economy stabilizing at least for the time being.  The stars, as I’ve written of before, have finally moved into their new places for a few years.  If monarchies, Presidencies, and the culturally educated look to astrology, or the stars for advice and timing on their strategies why not the average person?  I’ve already seen opportunities pop up for career advancement, I’ve seen better and new and improved relationships take bud.  It feels like a new year in many ways even though the calendar year tells us we have a few months to go before it is a new year.   I see a healthier outlook from many people I know relatives and others.  Are you seeing the same at your place of work and or home?  I hope so.  Knowing things are getting better is a big peace of mind indicator.  Feeling things are really getting better is priceless.