19 Degrees

So what are you supposed to do when it is sub-freezing outside and you have to work as supposed to curl up under a warm down comforter and read a book for most of the day?  You wear your warmest coat and scarf and bear the brutal cold.  You use the winter package in your car which can’t make the seats heat up fast enough.  You find time to watch the Australian Open and wish you were down under enjoying their warm summer weather as you sit with a wool afghan covering you.  It is the one your grandmother knitted so it has special meaning too.  You find reasons to linger in the office even though you would prefer to be somewhere else doing something else but that would require putting on your coat and scarf and bearing the sub-freezing weather yet again.  No, not right now, I will figure out something else to do inside.  You contemplate summer vacations and what you will be doing there.  You spend more time on your computer figuring out why it is so slow then calling the computer tech guy to zap all the bugs, malware, spyware and more.  Let him bear the freezing cold for a house call.  Next time, it maybe me who has to run to open a house or meet a client in person. For now, I sip my hot chocolate and dream of warmer times.



As the new year begins it is a good time to reflect on the changes you would like to see and those things you would like to remain the same, or see more of… more or less.

More happiness, Less sorrow

More income, Less debt

More peace, Less angst

More fun, Less drama

More time spent with family and friends, Less time alone with work

More positives, Less negatives

Just some of the more or less I hope for in 2010!  Happy New Year Everyone!  2009 is out,  it wasn’t all that great, 2010 is in, a little more of heaven, and for 2011 it may have a certain ring to it…Stay tuned.