The Olympic Coverage Gets a Bronze

I have been disappointed by NBC’s Olympic coverage.  I was hoping for what they did in the past by sharing coverage with their cable brethren but other than curling and a brief hockey game or two – no such luck.  During the opening ceremonies Bob Costas (Yes he is still there) and Matt Lauer were introducing the competing nations and announcing who the flag carrier was.  When it came to the U.S. I knew that the flag carrier was going to be a young man from Long Island who was competing in the skeleton race.  His name was never mentioned in fact there was a long silence.  Other nations such as Georgia and lesser known countries had their flag carrier named.  In fact they went on to discuss that persons sport and any other notables in their team.  Now, I know from my intern days that the announcers and anchors rarely write their own stuff so I guess some blame should go to the writers.  But, what an oversight!  I had read the story about him in Newsday and was looking forward to seeing him on TV.  Anyone watch the ice skating til midnight?  Did you get up for work the next day all bright and bushy-tailed?  Probably not.  Yes, I know ratings is what they are pulling for but I don’t think any American was urgently looking to see cross-country racing that happened during the day – and should have run during the day – to be seen at 10PM when ice-skating finals of all categories were on.  Is this the influence of new owner Comcast and their unwillingness to share the coverage with the cable siblings or just bad planning?  Well, we have another four years to find out and they have another four to get it right.


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