The Census – Stand Up and Be Counted

So every ten years since 1790 the U.S. has taken a census.  Gathering of statistical information on home owners, occupiers, renters, and such.  The U.S. Constitution mandates that all citizens must comply.  Census takers, or Enumerators, are sworn to uphold and protect all the confidential information they gather and not to divulge it to anyone, other than the U.S. Department of Commerce who they temporarily work for, for 72 years.  Yes that is right, 72 years.  How many of us will be around in another 72?  I seriously doubt I will unless they come up with some sort of time suspension or time machine in the next 30 years or so… There are 88 geographical areas across the country that will be assessed door to door.  Out on Eastern LI is one such region.  Most areas of the U.S. will be done by mail or phone follow-up.  Accordingly federal dollars, as much as $2000 per person and Congressional representation is on the line for this time.  Funny commercials at the beginning of the year heralded the coming of the Census – A snapshot of America!  Where a very funny actress portraying a wardrobe person said,” I can do it if they give me my left-handed scissors.”  Now what’s not funny about that.  So spring ahead and be counted.  Real dollars and local politics that turn into regional politics then national politics are all in play.


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