In Honor of Earth Day

Do you know April 22 is designated nationally as Earth Day?  Well, it is.  Has been for a long time.  In honor of earth day many “green” organizations, clubs, people, put together earth friendly events for this day every year.  I grew up in a pretty green family.  My grandfather used to compost, and use manure for his produce/vegetable garden.  He was a pretty earthy man. He was a forestry major at Penn State back in the late 20’s and after graduating and marrying my grandmother, he traded produce in New York City for a while my grandmother trained to be a nurse.  Both of them had green thumbs.  Beautiful full, lush, and colorful gardens and shrubbery surrounded their home.  They were into home remedies too; they are one of the few people I knew of who back in the late 60’s had aloe plants for burns and rashes that people get from time to time.  I remember running away from them screaming one time because I burned my finger on the stove.  All I could see was my grandparents coming after me with what I thought was a prickly cactus and thinking they wanted to stick me with it.  Of course, it was the aloe plant.  But, they had a lot of cacti too, so my fears were somewhat grounded.  They grew hydroponic lettuce and tomatoes too for a while.  My dad always maintained the lawn and gardens at his home as long as he could too. I don’t seem to have as a green a thumb as my parents or grandparents.  But, I do try.

I spray invisible fence all around the blooming flowers which is supposed to be a natural deterrent to deer and rabbits who like to eat the new greens.  It smells so awful though, you need to dress like a CDC worker preparing for a biological outbreak so you don’t get any on your clothes or skin.  If you do get it on you, bathing immediately is called for not to mention washing your clothes.  What to do to celebrate?  I will bike ride to take in all the beauty, and glory that a sunny spring day has to offer.  As I pass the many green and lush lawns, that wafting smell of “invisible fence” is ever-present.  Ugh! But, it’s natural I say, it does keep the deer and bunnies from eating it all and maintains the green connection.  Still, Ugh!  In addition, April 22 is my birthday.  Has been for a long time too. How long? That is classified top-secret info which just like the Census workers I am sworn to secrecy.  What’s my wish this year?  Well, it would be great for me to find that matching opposite of mine, who has somewhat of a green thumb like me.  Or, he can at least afford to hire someone to maintain the lush and green abundance that abounds.  Are you still out there? Anywhere?  Bueller?  Bueller?