Earth Fixed, Water Fixed – Soulmate Connection or Not? What Looks Good on Paper Doesn’t Always Play Out Well

According to astrologers soul mate meetings are not always smooth sailing, sometimes they say, lessons need to be learned. 

Well Mr. Scorpio, you ruled by Pluto, known for intense emotions, smoldering sexuality, and you do know who you are, Ms. Taurus who loves security in all relationships, known for her loyalty and sensuous nature, ruled by Venus,  needs to vent some things off her chest.  Love? Babies? Marriage?  You stung me in the right spot.  My hooves were hitting the ground in a happy dance.  How remarkable that would be because of who I am and what you do.  A psychic years ago told me my husband would have your initials. It all came rushing back into me in less than three minutes.  And then I never heard from you again.  I’m sorry you never thought enough of me to speak to me directly.  I did reach out to you initially after the surprise, and haze started to fade, but instead of hearing from you I heard from someone in your office regarding amnesia? You know I am conscious even after being sedated 🙂  What I had thought was true was over before it began.  Or was it?  Then came our run ins and your surveillance. Was GPS involved? Playing games. Not expressing your feelings.  You made this strong bull cry and cry!
Bulls can be stubborn. You are known for being emotional and somewhat manipulative, also at times dark.   I am not.  I did trust you completely.   I wish you had referred, and let things happen naturally instead of the way they unfolded… I read lips- yes yours too – you really loved me?  I heard it repeated by others about me, but never to me.  Yet, your actions toward me said otherwise.  I did understand the guys at the restaurant, golf course, OG bar/restaurant.  What did you think I was doing?  I saw you tell your dinner companion in that Japanese SONO restaurant something you should have told me directly but never did.   I believe you had bad counsel around you and relied too heavily on that and not enough on your own instincts.  You are easily intimidated (how did you get through med school?).  You are known for your good work, financial stability (traits I do admire), but poor expression of emotions, selfishness, immaturity traits I don’t admire.  Soul mates?  I have to admit there are too many coincidences in many things surrounding us – the conversations I saw and heard, some unconscious.  A very Neptunium influence I am told.  Astrologers say the answer is in the planets. I didn’t want to believe it.  I waited for months for an explanation, or your forthright, and absolute expression of care and feeling towards me.  You didn’t.  Then came the financial claims.  That was like waving a red flag in front of me – Charge!  You should have heeded that one guy’s advice, the one who drove the white van past my house, he said to drive out here and tell me in person.  You were playing games with my life.  Did you really expect me to stop by?  Where?

Is this true that you now wear a ring?  What a surprise!  Shotgun? Is this the short, blond, escort you hired last summer? Yes – I heard you tell your friend.  Or, the short blond girl last October in Stamford?  Or the blond  in your convertible this past March? There’s a type! The same? Why go to SWG to see me last October then? I know you are not a SB fan. I hope you are happy now and that you wish the same for me.  I am seeking a ring relationship myself with someone who can express their feelings clearly, has similar morals and values – that’s not you this lifetime.  Are any of the surveillance guys single?  That one was cute and he knows where I live.   Will you ever answer all the questions I have that only you can answer in a civil, friendly way?  I do hope and pray that you do.  Remember I am a bull.

Lessons learned: Next Life time less manipulation, more expressing of feelings, more love, less drama.  Thank you.


One thought on “Earth Fixed, Water Fixed – Soulmate Connection or Not? What Looks Good on Paper Doesn’t Always Play Out Well

  1. There is much intensity in fixed signs – lots of chemistry, but not lots of compromise. I find it rare if non-existent for a Scorpio male and a Taurus female to create a long-term commitment. It would be interesting to see the rest of the planetary placements to see what else was going on though hehe! My daughter, a Taurus with lots of Capricorn and Virgo, had a Scorpio boyfriend for about a week – he was also the same rising sign as her, and while it started out heavy, he broke it off for the want of his freedom, which he always had – but maybe it didn’t feel that way to him. She told me later THAT was not going to happen again – the bait-and-switch feeling she had was not desirable for a rather drama-free Taurus female. It seems to me that Scorpio energy can be a “glue” to keep things working, but there needs to be other influences that are stronger that don’t sufficate the whole darn thing! 🙂

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