Steamy Self Esteem

Since it was just Father’s day this brought up all the Hallmark and commercialization advertising.  But, it also brought up some strong feelings with a lot of people about the influence of dads on their kids especially girls.  With too much parental control, kids can grow up weary and  insecure of taking off into the world when school , opportunity, and time calls for it.  With too little, or poor parental control one can grow weary of relationships with others seeking approval from people they really shouldn’t be seeking approval from – meaning being taken advantage of having low self-esteem.  With a little self- esteem confidence goes a long way.  Without any, you can be clingy, needy, and seeking the approval of men who are only interested in pleasing themselves and taking advantage of those needy girls. With the arrest of Joran Vandersloot this also brought back all the speculation about what really happened to Natalie Holloway.  Was it white slavery as some had suggested?  Did he sell her for some cash? We now know what a gambling addict he is.  Why did she go off with these Aruba locals and away from her friends that she knew and trusted?  She was on the cusp of adult hood, going off to college?  What parent and school system would have their high school students go to the Caribbean on their senior trip?  Unruly behavior, poor choices? Uh, yeah!  What happened to waiting until college to go on spring break which the student going on, actually pays for themselves with money they actually earned from working?  A little self-esteem.  That is what separates the boys from the men.  With this steamy weather lately there is nothing more sexy, strong, and charismatic as someone with self-confidence, the ability to think on their feet and choose wisely.  Okay so if they have air conditioning, CAC, even better!  Who wants every client that walks through the door no matter how rude, sarcastic and chaotic they are?  Feeling weak?  Can’t say what you want to say but being sincere and tactful at the same time.   What’s in between?  Whether in your personal life or professional you will meet and work with people from all sorts of backgrounds, upbringings, and cultural beliefs.  I personally love the mix and diversity.  It proves to me that people from all cultures can be brought together with common ground of similar interests and work focus and core beliefs.  Like a Subaru – being safe is sexy.  Can’t get enough of that steamy self-esteem.  Happy Graduation to all the high school graduates and remember girls if that cute guy is a little too clingy and seems really immature at the same time – he is.  Move on.  Your self-esteem will thank you.


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