Managing Client Expectations – Part 3

While I wrote the full article which appeared last week in “The Daily Dog”, I broke it into three easy to read pieces for this blog.  Below is part 3 with a link to the full article as it appeared.

Negotiate the Out.

There should always be an out clause.  Companies put them in, agencies put them in and independent consultants should too.  You never know what is going to happen in the short or long term but you want to be prepared when something does.  Compromising on fees, or expectations is a waste of time and money – yours specifically.  Luckily I haven’t had this happen often at all but some people I know have had abusive clients.  Some people will say well its part of what they pay me for and they put up with it.  If you see your client belittling their staff, or bullying them, do you think that it stops there? There is always a good reason that a corporations messaging whether online or offline isn’t clear.  If they are screaming at you to get them more clients, more contracts and aren’t giving you the actual time to attain such things it maybe time to use the out.  If they then are sending you dozens of emails each day and ranting that they haven’t seen any results in the first week of work and you’ve already exposed them to Fortune 500 companies through seminars, or conferences for new business opportunities maybe it’s time to use the out.  If you and your client are so diametrically opposed to what reality really is – then sometimes it’s best for you to walk away without further injury.  Then when the client doesn’t comply completely with your out clause that is just another indication of why their competitors are winning more attention and sales.  Corporate culture starts at the top and good business practices start from within.


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