Don’t Rain on My Parade

Okay it’s here!  Or, well, it’s almost here!  Yes, my film debut is only days away.  I know you can’t wait.  #The Romantics has finally shown up in movie theaters in New York City and is due to have a larger debut later this week. This is that small, independent film that was filmed in my hometown on Long Island.  Lucky for me I got to be an extra with very little work to do but dress up for a wedding, pretend to be a guest, and oh yeah, get rained on when it was an almost unbearable 53 degrees!  That’s it.  I’ve heard that my date for the wedding, let’s call him Mr. C – is quite visible during the rain evacuation scene which is where we get rained on then run away from our guest chairs into the unknown.  I imagined Godzilla was chasing me as we had to run away.  I think you will see it in my running.  I wrote a year ago how we all get dried off by crew – oh how they spoiled us!  But, getting back to the rain scene – if you see a tall bald man run off, I’m right next to him. In fact I think I’m running away directly behind him and of course am sitting next to him during the wedding scene.  I have a dark brown printed jacket and black skirt on.  I was one of only a few women who wore panty hose. I actually carried a second pair with me and tried to sell it off at one point when I saw so many women chivering.  I almost had a few takers – I hear #Josh Duhamel was considering it.  All in all, it was great day for me.  While I was there I felt safe and forgot about some of my trials and tribulations of off-screen life.  Everyone should have one of those days from time to time and getting paid for it just adds a bonus.

I won’t lie – I wish the one day turned into two or three as it did for some other local extras. But, I guess I didn’t have the look of the day – for after the wedding scene.  You see my hair frizzes, and or curls with heat, humidity, dampness. If you happen to go, drop me a note here and let me know if you can see a blonde woman in a brown printed jacket and black skirt running away next to a tall bald man.  It’s your homework so go ahead and give it  your best shot.  I look forward to hearing about your reviews of the movie. Once I do get to see it, of course, I will write more.  For now, the excitement is almost overwhelming for me – well not really but that is what acting is all about.  Gotcha!


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