It isn’t always easy to say NO

What about those times in life in business and personal, that you find yourself wanting to say no.  Recently I was in a situation that required someone else to do a service for me.  They weren’t being cooperative and actually somewhat negative.  At first I asked pertinent questions to see if there might be something to this scenario I wasn’t aware of. No there wasn’t.  I sat for a while waiting patiently until I couldn’t wait anymore.  I asked for my paperwork back and before they handed it back to me they wrote VOID with bold blue ink across the paperwork so I couldn’t take it anywhere else.  That was not only a bad idea but unethical and unprofessional.  I told the service person so.  And, I asked for her name and her managers name so I could follow-up on this.  As soon as I got in my car I called her manager and told her of what just transpired.  She agreed with me this was wrong.  I said this person appeared to not want to work that day – she couldn’t just say no to my inquiry she had to create a situation to have me leave – which I did end up doing.  Then I said no to her behavior.  When you are in your office, or taking your kids where they need to be do you ever cross the line and tell someone you can’t do something because, well, you just don’t feel like doing it at the moment?  It’s not a case of you can’t do it, but simply you don’t want to.  Do you ever directly tell someone no, I don’t want to do that?  Most people don’t.  We come up with cliché’s and scenarios that we think will create a sense of normality and reason where there really isn’t one.  Everyone has their bad day.  Their bad day could turn out to be a catastrophe for you depending on what their job actually is.  What if you are scheduled for surgery, or a medical procedure and your doctor isn’t feeling well that day or is just in need of a mental health day but they don’t take it.  Your life could be in jeopardy. What if the sales guy you are dealing with rings up the wrong amount of money on your charge card because they are having an off day and they couldn’t say to you ” Hey I would ring you up but I’m really tired now and think I may make some mistakes.”  Imagine if you will people actually said what they were truly feeling than the so-called little white lies?  Chaos, the opposite of chivalry, lack of decorum, not politically correct.  Sounds like the political ads that are bombarding us right now on TV and in the mail doesn’t it?


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