What Will the Birds Do?

It’s a new year now and we again feel a need to look at the past and resurrect a new set of resolutions.  What to do now?  What did we do before that we don’t want to do again?  What do we want to do that we didn’t do before?  All this, and the recovery from overindulgent eating and drinking from the holidays can make someone a bit aloof, overweight and tired.  Why do we have to do anything new?  We are exposed to lists, and statements from celebrities to your average neighbor about what they are doing new for the new year.  Do we really need to care why someone who makes an inordinate about of money wants to ride bicycles all day long and sing outside to reconnect with their inner and or outer self while trying to lose weight?  I don’t think so.  This time of year many migratory birds fly south to warmer climates rather than shiver their feathers in the freezing northern territory air.  They seek bluer and warmer skies to fly into and spend the new year.  With the new snow on the ground and more predicted to come this week, that doesn’t sound like such a bad idea.  Maybe some new year I will get to try that myself.


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