My Movie Premiere is Here!

Okay not quite as glamorous a premiere as I hoped but … the movie I was an extra in a year and half ago is now out on DVD.   Yes – you too can see me run off in the rain in #The Romantics.  It didn’t get a wide release in the theaters so it went to DVD a lot sooner.  When it begins to rain you will see me and my date for the wedding Clay – tall, tan jacket, bald man, run off together.  Oh what about me?  It is dark by then so check out the woman getting up real fast and carrying a red purse – #Kenneth Cole – and my jacket is a dark print.  Clay kindly grabs my arm and we run!!! Look out Godzilla is coming!!! No not really but believe me that is what I was thinking.  It was about 50 degrees then, no sun, after 3PM and we were getting showered with cold water.  Brrrr! I know what you see in the film is the second or third take because in the first one, I ran off without my purse.  I was scolded for that.  In between takes we were toweled down by the crew.  Oh, how Hollywood!  And, when it rains, my hair curls and frizzes like a perm from mother nature.  I can see my hair is a bit wavy at that time too.  Who knew my red Kenneth Cole purse would be such a symbol of wedding regret but apparently it is.  Don’t want to spoil the whole movie for you but it doesn’t happen.  What?  You will have to see the movie.  Other shots to look for: #Southold Yacht club is beautifully pictured as  our beautiful bays, beaches, and creeks –  not to mention Old Field Vineyards where the wedding scene and many others were filmed.  It’s a kick to see them so well portrayed.  Of course you will see #Katie Holmes, #Josh Duhamel, #Anna Paquin, #Candace Bergen and many others portray characters that get lost in the #romance of eastern Long Island.

Am I sad that I didn’t get to see myself run away in the cold rain with my red purse on the big screen ? No, not really.  You see this way I can skip all the other parts and just hit replay again and again and again to see the scene I was in.  And, laugh and laugh. Of course I watched the whole movie and I did like it.  I may be a bit biased.  You will have to wait til the end to see my runoff scene as well.  Let me know what you think about the red purse, my run, and of course the whole movie.  What do they say, “There are no small parts, just small actors.”


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