Gossip Girl XOXO!

What has become of today’s high school’s?  Have you been in one lately?  From #Gossip Girl we see well-heeled teens texting gossip, email blasts to obliterate their competitors and bring down those they deem trouble, sometimes the teachers are included in the target group.  Why aren’t the teachers taking the darn hand helds away from them?  Why aren’t the teens getting sent to ISS (inter-school suspension)?  Well, because it’s television.  In real life I can assure you from a recent stint as substitute English teacher for 11th and 12th graders, texting during class and generally acting up is not a preferred status to own.  There is ISS (didn’t have this when I was in high school but the biggest thing high school kids did then was smoke cigarettes outside during lunch 🙂  And there is #Glee on Fox now which showcases the singing choral groups that compete amongst the teen angst jocks and wannabe’s in High School for attention.  Heck, Gwyneth Paltrow has given the substitute teacher a whole new glow on Glee.  Not only did she control the students she mesmerized them with her singing prowess and in-depth knowledge of her subject matter.  Way to go Gwyneth!  So, I was not singing although I did corral the Theater class for improvisations that actually weren’t bad.  And, of course I did study acting – well, okay I took two courses at HB Studios in Manhattan. And there was that extra bit on The Romantics… blah, blah, blah.

As for lit, I did study it and loved it.  Yes I was a good student.  I do have a Master’s Degree and helped enough corporate execs with speeches, media interviews and writing stories to control and direct a bunch of hormonally confused teens.  I said that last sentence over and over again while I was back in High School.  It helped to center myself. You see I started to have flashbacks to when I was a student in high school.  Those insecure feelings of inadequacy.  I understand the dysfunctional family circus can wreak havoc on a teens tiny self-esteem.  But, the attitudes?  They must be adjusted.  So, for that high school girl who texted the whole time first period… never again.  And, no I didn’t get my hair cut at Walmart, my hips aren’t big, and if you misbehave again, flip desks over,  talk too loudly, ISS is calling! And, for the girl who said I pronounced everyone’s name really nicely – Thank you.  Gossip Girl XOXO!


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