Let me start by saying this country needs REVENUE not TAX Cuts.  In recent memory I have had more people say to me in one form or another, “I am not a dirt bag”.  They are referring to the fact they qualify for financial aid of one kind or another.  It could be section 8 housing, it could be a tax break relating to a one time grant that can be used as well for housing purposes.  I assured these people I don’t see them as dirt bags.  One person called me later at night to qualify that she works two jobs, and having gone through a divorce recently had little savings left for rental costs.  No need to explain to me.  The dirt bags in this world are those privileged fellows who don’t want to repeal the top 1% tax cut that ol’  George Bush  number two put into place years ago. You know, the fiscally unsound President who bootlegged our American credit card into the toilet.  The credit we are now trying to re-establish and get on sound ground.  Republicans and Democrats alike need to forfeit their self rising raises and pay more in their own health care before they say they are working for the American people.  I don’t see it.  I see them as usual working for themselves.  Recently it was revealed Speaker of the House Boehner and Senator from Massachusetts Brown, both had welfare help them as children growing up.  Both wanted to keep the top 1% tax cut in place and cut programs for our poor.  When questioned directly about this Brown acknowledged the program did help his family.  When asked how he could forget that and want to deny help for another he couldn’t answer.  When we have the millions, billions in tax revenue from that top 1% cut being repealed then we can justly look at cutting programs for the poor, ill of health from all tax brackets, and education programs that keep kids getting educated, keep good teachers in the classroom, and keep our towns and cities employing decent, hard-working individuals from all classes.  Again? Okay.  We need more REVENUE NOT TAX CUTS!


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