Why All the Fuss?

Does everyone have to do everything all at once?  It seems sometimes we all need to take a breather from the social media frenzy.  You can follow the celeb female or male of choice.  You can create a new identity and Twitter away.  You can create a fan page on Facebook and you can profile yourself on LinkedIn.  So what’s all the fuss?  If you don’t have good content than you don’t have a good story, a good tweet, a good profile, etc.  Content is king in pr/communications and marketing.  Whether you write a product description, an executive profile, a tweet that you want someone to re-tweet, than you have to know who the audience is, what the best message should be.  The right message for the right audience.  Seems simple but so many do it wrong.  They want the instantaneous reaction rather than the long-term goal.  Some social media is short-sighted – no long-term gains.  That may work for you or a new product launch lets say.  But, after the initial rush of followers, media garnered, then what?  Social media is just another name for communication (see earlier Blog on just that) so the rules that apply elsewhere apply here too.