Where Did the Time Go?

Time management is something everyone needs to face from time to time.  Whether you are in business working for someone else, working for yourself, or a student of some kind, sooner or later, the time will get you.  Fil-o-fax’s, (remember those?) helped with dividers and timely reminders for you.  Reminders to get organized, prioritize, and keep track of your spending – financial and time.  All good advice.  Franklin Covey who still makes planners, and in full disclosure I am a user, has reminders, page inserts and daily quotes to help keep you on top of things and the top-selling book “Seven habits of highly successful people.” For me it is always best to find out when faced with multiple tasks to prioritize but also look at how much time each task will take.

1) Take care of those tasks that will take the least amount of time first.  What is easiest to get out of the way?

2) If you have several phone calls to make and next steps depend on the outcome of those phone calls, get them done first thing in the morning.  Email can follow or be first depending on the individuals preference.

3) Leave enough time to take care of the longer taxing tasks.  Once the easier tasks are out of the way, the rest of your day can be spent focusing on the more time-consuming task or task (s).

Just like cleaning up a cluttered room, you will breathe a sigh of relief when all your tasks are organized prioritized and you can keep to your schedule.  Then don’t forget to schedule relaxing time for yourself.  Get some exercise, bike ride, or simply read that article you have clipped aside that you haven’t had time to read.  And of course, use a hands free device when driving to protect you and others that are on the road.  It makes  driving easier and safer and gives you more time.


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