Fried Green Tomatoes

Well it’s that time of year again.  Steamy, hot, and sunny the kind of days we dream for in the cool of the winter.  I was reminded recently of that great movie “Fried Green Tomatoes”.  If you haven’t seen it do!  Kathy Bates, Jessica Tandy, Mary Stuart Masterson (she had some great parts in her day and reminds me of younger years!)  Strong, weak, southern woman who all combine to help each other out in a personal way.  I don’t recall the financial stresses or career concerns in this movie.  Yay!  We have enough of that going on in our real lives.  It was all on the personal side. Of course they ate, BBQ!  It’s summer time – 100 degrees – what better time to stand over a hot grill and cook ribs especially in the south?  The movie has fond memories within it that touch on the characters youth.  It is also life affirming in the way they help each other out – of course Mary Stuart Masterson’s character is strong and another girl is weak. So goes the story line.  From younger years to grandmother years are covered.  Reminded me of family that is past and how fond our memories can be.  It’s a good place to check into every now and again.

Since I was thinking about the movie I went to an art exhibit last weekend near the ocean on Long Island.  Jen Goings studio in WHB.  Summer dresses, ocean breezes, and some very interesting art – what could be better.  Yes, there was free wine and champagne too!  A very unique collection of pieces by Susan Benarcik was displayed.  After meeting the artist herself I again thought I have to write my next Blog on my memory of “Fried Green Tomatoes”.  She was encouraging about my writing and I was encouraging about her art.  You can see her art for yourself at  Cool stuff focusing on paper, print and some photography.  If you check her site out tell her I sent you.   And, if you haven’t seen the movie in a while go rent it,  and let me know what you thought.  Have some BBQ at the same time too and remember fondly your own past.  Peace of mind.


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