Mercury Retrograde – Almost Over

The planet mercury has been retrograde since August 2 and will go direct Friday the 26th.  Although some say not really direct until mid-September.  Mercury rules communication, commerce, transportation.  When retrograde frequently there is miscommunication, troubles with travel, electronic devices, starting anything new, including jobs and signing contracts.  If you do sign something, or buy something of large dollar value frequently there are problems and the decisions you make will be up to being revised.  Many people will experience contact with people from their past, loves, hates, friends, relatives.  If there is someone you need to finish business with this is good time to do so. For instance,  if you had a bad surgery with a bad doctor, mercury retrograde is a good time to revisit that surgery with a good doctor and get good results.  It’s a good time to revisit past work decisions and relationships and see if there are new ways to benefit from them.  The recent earthquake, riots in England, and strong weather systems are believed to be developed from Mars, Saturn squares, lots of energy, old existing standards clashing.  Neptune is retrograde now too and ruling water you can see where that might lead to weather related disasters.  As I’ve said before, if monarchies, Presidents and their families can turn to astrology to help them along with their path in life, why not the average person too.

For me this string of experiences sums up the most recent retrograde of Mercury: Check Engine light on/off three times in one week; car has oil change then leaks oil; car to dealer for check engine light – $$$ later car is supposedly fixed; car still leaking oil back to garage where it was done-fix; not fixed – back one more time; check engine light on again!; run into ghost relationships of the past – smack across the face!; revisit old emotions – crap; contact old colleagues; reach out to old friends – good!; solidify current status and emotions; check engine light on again! $$$ expenses high this month emotions run high but everything should be leveling off at this time. Hopefully you too caught up with old friends and colleagues to ground you where you are now.  Phew!  We are done with that one!


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