Back To School

It’s September and all thoughts move to going back to school.  Even though you may not have kids in school, or college, the change of weather and advertising bring your mind to this time of change.  Going back to school for some may mean picking up some new courses or taking a class on something that you’ve wanted to learn for a while.  For others it may mean new job opportunities, such as substitute teaching.  I’ve already been called a couple of times for this – teachers get sick too.

It could also be signing up and, or finishing, that extension course, or new Webinar you’ve heard about and hadn’t had time to do over the summer with all the beach going, riding bikes, kayaking, ho-hum.  I’m back on the saddle for another social communications conference this week focusing on the mobile front.  Having a new Android phone makes the idea of mobile social communications all the more interesting. Of course you’ve got the mobile Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, and apps du jour!  So many apps, you need an app to tell you what apps you should have.  Everything from music and games, to encyclopedias, organic gardening, GREEN galore,  distress alerts, various messaging options, and those incoming advertisers!  One thing I didn’t think of having to deal with on the new phone!  So, surely I will update all on the conference in a few days.  Maybe they can even help me use my new phone better!  You are never too old to learn something new.


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