The battery life on #Smartphones, Androids and I phones are the chit chat of much ardor among the owners.  If you are using data throughout each day it will not come as a surprise to you that you will have to recharge throughout the day.  Some people repeatedly.  Minimal data usage and still everyday.  Remember the old days when you could use your cell phone for three or four days without charging?  At a recent mobile media communication conference I attended a CEO of a small tech start-up asked a representative from #Foursquare if they were getting paid by the battery companies – since when using Foursquare and other data apps, you use up your battery power faster.  The CEO said he had gotten wise as to when to use Foursquare and other apps,  only when he was able to be in his car and charge repeatedly throughout the day.   No, stated the Fourquare rep,  they have no plans to work with the battery companies. He said they had hoped the battery makers would continue to make better, and better, batteries.  Lithium polymer which most cell phones have now are the best in the bunch for now.  Years ago Lithium ion was to be the best, but very unstable if it were to break or be exposed to H2O – our air has H2O.  Having seen what happens when a lithium battery is exposed to common air – you don’t want that to happen.  For those of you wondering, no it doesn’t explode.  It incinerates – shooting six foot flames directly into the air.  So, when they do develop even better, longer lasting cell phone batteries, we can take our old ones and go into the ocean at will and dispose of in the closest ornery shark that you come upon.

I know, I’m just dreaming here.  But really, if you get stuck between a rock and a shark and you have your cell phone battery handy, now you know what to do.  Until then, charge!