Everyone’s Closet

(My second attempt at Poetry here in this Blog

As you approach the steps to go down to the beach you encounter everyone’s closet.  It’s 82 degrees in October.  Where else would I go?

You see shoes and sandals of all sizes, colors and shapes.  Many worn well, and some not at all.

Thoughts move to how long the owner may have had them.  Where else have all these shoes been?  What other closets have they sat in?

Polka dots on flip flops, white canvas sneakers, black high heeled sandals, sleek, shiny, so many to inspire.  Canvas, leather, plastic, they take all forms.

How comforting to know that while you walk, sit,  or swim below, your shoes are well put and safe.  You wouldn’t find this everywhere you go.  Everyone’s closet is somewhat an exclusive place.  Owners, renters, friends of, are all welcome.

Oh, how some people would be envious of this!  Not  just the ocean beach below and all it offers, but of the safety and comfort this make shift  open air closet avails.

The weather has turned and winter is definitely coming! I will have to wait until next spring to take advantage of this closet again. Yet I know it will be there.  Safely.


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