An Original 3rd Grade Tale – The Little Tree

The little tree


The Little Tree

One day, in early December a little girl set out to buy a Christmas tree.  She wanted her family to have it for Christmas night.  This was a special time in their home where they would decorate the tree together as a family.  This year her mom had become ill and the family was not doing all the things they normally did at this time of year including buying a live tree.  Sara, the little girl, went out to a few of the tree farms that set up shop during December to sell trees in her town.  Trees For U was her first stop.  Sara saw many trees but the price tags were expensive.  $30, $40, $50 for a tree!  Sara had only $10 to spend on this Christmas tree.   She walked onto the next tree farm.  XMAS TREES, said the next sign at the entrance. Sara saw some smaller trees but their prices were high too.  One of the workers on the tree farm came over to Sara to ask if she was lost.  “No”, said Sara, “I am looking to buy a tree.”  “Great”, said Greg whose name was sewn onto the front of his jacket.  “But, I only have ten dollars with me,” said Sara, “can I buy a tree for ten dollars?”  Greg said, “That’s going to be tough. Why are you alone here, doesn’t your family want a tree too?”  Sara looked down at the ground and began to feel sad.  She told Greg how her mom had been sick this year and the family, her Dad and older brother were not doing the things they normally did at Christmastime.  She wanted to make everyone happy by going out on her own to buy the Christmas tree. “It will be a nice surprise”, said Greg.  Sara smiled.  He took Sara over to what he called a special row of trees.  He said every tree in this row was $10.  There were signs here that said the trees were much more, in fact, one tree had a $40 sign.  “Oh that was yesterday, today is a sale so choose one, and I will help you bring it home,” he said.  Sara chose one quite a bit taller than herself but by adult standards it was still a small tree.  Greg got Sam, another worker to load the tree onto a truck and he took Sara back to her house with the tree.  “How old are you?” Greg asked.  “Eight”, said Sara.

When they arrived at her home her older brother Jim and mother were home and answered the door.  At first they did not know what to think. After all, no one had considered buying a tree this year. “Sara, what have you done?” asked her brother Jim who was quite surprised.  Her mother, who was wearing a bathrobe, looked pale, thanked Sam, and offered him some additional money for the tree.  “Oh no”, he said, “Sara paid for the tree.”

Sara’s mom helped her family  decorate the small tree.  It brought a smile to everyone to see her helping in the decorating. Sara’s dad and brother could not believe little Sara found a tree on her own.  “Sara, thank you for caring about everyone so much that you wanted to do this, but please promise me”, her father said, “that you will not go off alone again without me, your mother or brother.” Sara promised.  After Christmas, they planted the tree in yard.

The next year the tree was even bigger and they needed a tall ladder to put decorations and lights on.  People all over the neighborhood got to admire the little tree that Sara had gotten for her family just the year before.