To Twitter or Not to Twitter that is the Question

When Twitter first came on the scene a few years ago I was hesitant.  I admit it.  I love following trends in communication and this was one so I did look at it.  I dismissed it as yet another attempt to capture the Americans time and look at me I’m an app mentality.  When I saw real journalists were using it I thought okay, this maybe a great way to connect with them.  I finally set up an account.  I quickly saw how useful 140 characters could be in catching the news of the day, entertainment, industry wide news and updates.  It was a chance to expose my writing to a different genre and promote my Blog at the same time.  Blogging can take its toll, I’m sure you noticed I don’t Blog as much as I used to but part of that fact is I am busier than 3 years ago – a good thing.  Watching Good Morning America this morning,  Steve Martin was on speaking about of all things Twitter!  He said he thought it was curious thing at first and was going to use it to promote his work.  He has found that he has created different characters and tweets in a comedic way.  Creepy Guy?  or @creepyguy  Now that’s someone you want to follow, or is he following you?

For all its whimsy Twitter has become the go to in times of crisis – while hundreds of people have been stuck on the runway in a plane they’ve tweeted about it.  When someone has had a traffic accident and is late to somewhere, they Tweeted about it.  When the @Whitehouse has a new statement on policy or change, they Tweet about it.  Looking to connect with someone you admire?  Tweet it and then follow them.  There are still totally trivial tweets and the inane but for a social media tool that is international in scope it has come a long way from just promoting oneself to utilizing words for inspiration, education, advocacy and fun!@katwife

My Article on Twitter as it appeared in Newsday



SCBWI What if? It was a Fairy Tale.

Once upon a time, in a large city a couple of hours away from your home there was a large gathering of people.  These were no ordinary people.  No.  These were writers and illustrators from across the U.S. and from around the globe.  Places as far away as Australia were represented  as  Los Angeles, Colorado, and even Utah! Oh my!  Brooklyn had many people represented, as did New York City itself. Smiles, greetings and invitations abound!

Visions of publishing,  danced in the attendees heads.  Oh, how they all wished for recognition and the magic road to fulfill their own dreams.  I want my stories published – shouted many! Others shyly said, I want to illustrate for all!

Many speakers whose own success had shown through brightly  spoke about their own path to the magical world of publishing.  They all wrote for children which how can you deny – is simply sweet and makes you sigh!  Some did revel in the new YA (young adult) and MG (middle grade) fiction that the leaders in publishing can’t seem to get enough of these days.

Soon, there was a break in the day.  Much money was needed to warm yourself in your own coat if you dared to venture outside. Then, you had to pay again, to leave your coat closeted correctly. Oh my!  After quick nourishment there were even more speakers, and more people to meet and greet.  Offers of reviews were offered by some, but not all were willing.

The evening ended with desserts of many!  Sugar, cupcakes, torts and sweets welcomed you to dine and drink in the Manhattan ballroom.  Mashed potatoes served in a martini glass, Why not!  Turkey with gravy to cut with a fork!  And, mean old ladies who will not let you leave your coat unaccompanied on the back of a chair were all part of the festivities.  So for one and all that dreamed the dream and participated too, may all your writings, drawings, and dreams come true!  For the cranky and the selfish who were too afraid to share, well, they say those who don’t learn from their mistakes are destined to repeat – destined to repeat, destined to repeat….

Happily Ever after to all the writing and illustrating alums I met and will meet in the future.