Which iPad Do You Have?

Okay Apple announced today it’s 3rd version of the iPad is now available.  Whoohoo! Yahoo! – the gregarious happy verbiage not the company.  I don’t have one version yet. I am waiting until they announce the LAST version, that is the BEST and GREATEST version that will make time stand still.  Or, at least make it useless to buy another version anytime now or in the near future.  What’s with all the besting of oneself?  They say computers, PC kinds, become obsolete in three years.  Apple computers graphics, synching of music, video, data and speech is better than most.  But when is enough enough?

Remember when you were asked do you have a fax?  Then, do you have email? Then, do you have a cell phone?  Then, do you have a SMARTphone? Then, do you have 3G or 4G? Then, Android or iPhone?  What version?  What manufacturer?  Then, do you have a tablet?  Now, do you have an iPad?  This can be exhausting!  How many techno geeks does it take to change a light bulb?  What kind of lightbulb you ask?  Ok, see where this is going.  Some people feel that they have to have the latest and greatest gadget, status symbol, to feel good about themselves. Some buy to stay on top as part of their jobs.  I love technology and all it has to offer.  However, as one who has worked with technology companies on breaking edge stuff, I don’t always buy for myself.  I have let people know through PR and Marketing about the cutting edge and why it is better, bigger, brighter and worth the cost.  But, I have sent documents, contracts to customers who then having an iPad couldn’t pull it up to view.  Problems with technology?  Always.  Whether you like iPad’s for personal or professional use, they have a place alongside all other tech gear.  Probably closer to the top then bottom. But, for the person who thinks they have to have it to BE it – that is wrong.  After all, it’s the person who speaks, writes, through the technology, not the technology who speaks through the person.  Now, I’ve got to get back to sending an email and a fax!