Internal or External the focus is the same

Yet another social media conference came and went focusing on internal communications but the same message.  Be clear and concise in your communications.  Social media for internal audiences started with the advent of intranets and sharing of rides, recipes and promotions within companies.  Now some companies use corporate ambassadors that will Tweet or post on Facebook.  Extremely useful for those short of staff to take on the communiques that otherwise would take all day to execute and then monitor.  In the same way there is a control for intranets the same for social. Lots of software, Jive, Newsgator, among others make it easier for companies to embrace a controlled social media.  Financial and other companies have a concern for regulation and the software has control factors that those in charge can keep tabs on.

It’s great to have corporate ambassadors, employees of a company helping put a face and feel outside the corporate walls.   But,  just like branding guidelines, writing guidelines need to be adhered to too.  And with social media it is not so much ROI, but ROE, that is return on engagement. More on that next…



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