Spring is Finally Here!

You Wouldn’t know it from the temperature but Spring is finally here!  We’re still wearing our winter coats and although some flowers are blooming they are still covered in snow in some places.  Today is Palm Sunday, the mark of the beginning of Holy Week in the Christian Calendar.  Chocolate bunny buying and jelly bean connoisseurs are grabbing bags of spice, or fruit, or licorice beans at their favorite candy-man shop.

I take this time to reflect on the past few months of winter.  It was cold and a bit snowy, here in the Northeast. Not the coldest or snowiest I can remember but enough to make people glad that April and warmer weather is not too far away anymore.  I remember fondly buying chocolates and Easter decorations for family members and friends who are no longer here on this Earth, but here in spirit.  This makes me a bit sad.Palms

May the spring light and hope of better times, rejuvenation, fill you with new energy for the months ahead. Yes, I’ve been slow on getting new Blogs out I know!  I needed this new spring light myself! Have a happy Easter! Happy Passover!