Earth Day Redux – Again

(I wrote this last year and because it was SO good, here it is again!)


It’s #Earth Day once again! Same day every year April 22.  The Nation adopted this day in the seventies to promote being green.  Now it’s hip to be a greener but in the 70’s the notion of hippies – long hair, free living and loving souls who ate organically and grew their own food and other stuff (Uhum!) was not really in.  We’ve come a long way.  Or have we?  It shows in the faces of these two children – one feels the need to smile at the beauty, and the other is more serious, her face says, “This is a magnificent rose bush, can all of us live up to growing such a beautiful bush?  I don’t think so.”

The rose bush in my picture and the lawn was well cared for by my father.  Not just pruning and watering but fertilizing, organic when we could, and rose feeder pellets put in the ground around it to grow. Sprays for rose bush spiders and rose dust to protect it from everything including spiders.  My father sweated and toiled over the lawn and garden.  He loved doing the work and work it was.  I tried lifting the shovels he used to make those perfect circles around bushes when he planted them.  Heavy! That rose bush was most appreciative of his work. How do I know? Well, when he passed away in December two years ago, that rose bush in the picture still was blooming those gorgeous pink flowers, and had buds. No it wasn’t warm.  Average temperatures in the 40’s for that time of year during the day and dropping to 30’s in the night and even some days.  I believe the rose bush was still saluting the work that someone gave to it to make it live, thrive longer and better.  It was also saluting the individual.

How many people do you know, regardless of age who toil and spend hours at a time in the hot summer sun toiling for soil sake?  They toil and toil for perfection sake until they can no longer stand on their God given legs.  No, I don’t mean the farmers who make living from the land but the average person, or not, who does it for the love of the beauty it gives off and other people benefit from this beauty.  The oxygen we know helps to resuscitate the carbon dioxide we give off.  The beauty and taking time to smell the roses – priceless!  My family has always been green. My fathers parents my grandparents were green back in the 60’s composting and fertilizing with the best.  Their roses and gardens were a thing of beauty which also made the air a little cleaner too.

On this #Earth Day I hope you can plant a tree, flower, herb and dedicate it to someone you admire, loved, love, or feel was a great mentor.  May you live up to the standards that the earth has lived up to for us.  Sustaining life and beauty at the same time, and not getting paid for it, is what the earth does everyday for all who live on it.  Let everyone do their part to sustain their own little piece of earth.  Oh, and for all those born on this glorious day Happy Birthday!  We are an earthy lot – I’m 70% earth signs myself.  🙂