If You Can’t Afford it try Barter!

(This was originally posted in August 2009 and still is true today)

If you can’t afford a service or product have you tried to barter?  Bartering has been going on since the dawn of time in some form or another.  Pioneers traded furs and clothing for seeds, food, and other goods.  You of course have great services or talents to offer in exchange for that product or service you may not be able to afford at this point in time.  I have done barter in the past for a legal contract.  I helped an up and coming lawyer with some marketing and public relations advice.  She advised me she barters for her computer tech services.  The idea is to keep as close to actual costs as possible.  If one side is running up a credit and the other has a huge debit that can end the efficiency of barterdom.  This is helpful for many various services.  Who doesn’t need some additional positive publicity in this stagnant market.  Not everyone can hold a candle to their own light and let them see what they can offer the world.  Whether your expertise is accounting, finance, advertising, art consultant, or landscaper get thinking how you might be able to barter your services for some needed services for yourself.  Try to think out of the box and be flexible.  So, if someone would like to barter their services for marketing and public relations expertise, just let me know.


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