Lights! Camera! Action!

(Almost 4 years ago I was an extra in a movie filming here on LI where I live.  Josh Dumel is still married to Fergie even though at the time there was that “scandal” in Georgia following him around. Anna Paquin is now married to her then fiancee and Tom and Katie, well not so well.  How time has flown by.  Enjoy for some easy #Summer reading! Oh and if you buy the DVD – fast forward to almost the end and you can see ME running off from the wedding!) Oriignally published November 2009

Well last week I finally got my fifteen minutes of fame! Did you miss me?  I was an extra on the film “The Romantics” filming in my home town on LI.  I got to work in the movies for 11 hours and was paid for 10.  I believe that is what they call Hollywood Accounting 101.  It was an amazing experience.  I am not a morning person but had to be on set at 7AM.  I was up at 5:30AM – normally at that time I am going off to surgery or taking someone to surgery and then back to sleep. Not this time.  After sitting for two hours and told I had to change my clothes and have some product put into my hair – Hey I love hair and make-up – we finally went to the outdoor scene – A wedding. Yes I was a wedding guest to Josh Dumel’s and Anna Paquin’s character’s wedding.  It is so normal to have an outdoor wedding on the water in November on LI?!?!  It wasn’t bad for the first few hours of sitting and doing nothing.  But, after no lunch break ( we did get some small bags of popcorn, pretzel sticks, and few left over bagel pieces and bottles of water) what little we had were quickly taken away at our guest chairs.  We saw paparazzi doing what they do but this time their approach was by kayak and canoe and then they placed aluminum ladders on the small strip of beach and stood on them to take many pictures.  There were no lines in the scenes that they were shooting so for one scene, all we heard were the click, click, click of the cameras.  It really is a different world! Finally we got to go to our holding area.  No not a cell, but a bus with heat!  Yeah!

After an hour or so warming up, nodding off, and contemplating my future career in show biz, we were called back to the set for the final scene of the day.  Yes, it rains on us!  Don’t be jealous!  It was now a warm  46 or so and no sun to be seen.  Everyone was freezing!  Finally the scene was shot, we were rained on, and ran off!  Will you see me in the movie?  Maybe the rain scene as I ran past one camera three times – we had three takes.

The most thrilling moment? When they wiped me down from getting wet in between two takes – oh how I was spoiled!  Really nice people those SAG extras that I worked with that day.  Some complained all day. Others were there for their pension, healthcare bene’s, and to add-on to their credits.  Tom Cruise and Suri came to pick up Katie Holmes who is also starring in the movie and all cast and crew had lunch at a Church – lunch was at 5Pm.  That would be 2PM LA time so…  All and all, it was an amazing day.  And now I can say, I was an extra on a movie!