So YOU Want to be a REALTOR?


So you think being a real estate agent is all game and no work? Think again. Much work little pay. The guys, and they are all guys, on Bravo TV’s Million Dollar Listing with their sleeked back hair and glitzy cars make it look so easy. Sure they show a little stress when in the midst of the deal but they don’t show them falling apart in the way that more than half of all deals do. When doing a rental, seasonal or year round the agent does all the work as a lawyer is not involved for the contract – the homeowner supplies that in New York state. So, much going back and forth over smoking, showings, vacuums and the occasional air conditioner that is essential to make the deal go through.

Pay for a seasonal rental is normally 10% of the rent. Year round, one months rent. Then, you split with the agency and any other agent involved in the deal. You hope to rent it your self but there is no guarantee. Some agents make it difficult to work with – they don’t want others showing their listings even though MLS rules say share and share alike. The image of agents is not always good. And, some that consumers think are good are really difficult to deal with as other agents. Some are unethical and lie and end up a half dozen times or more in court trying to get their commission fees. The public doesn’t usually have privilege of this knowledge until it’s too late.

Find a trustworthy smart real estate agent that has a good reputation inside and outside the office. If you can’t find one email me. I am one. And no I’ve never been to court to collect a commission and I don’t work for agencies that have.

Happy Spring! The market is right, buy, sell or rent.