Summer Time Blues

Snow Dock

Have you got too much to do? Is the sun shining, the birds singing, the air steamy? It’s summer and there is so much you could do outside from yard work to puttering in the garden, including watering your precious flowers. But, work is still calling. Someone calls you just after you leave the office asking for the document you scanned and emailed last week. Ok, now back to the office to send it off again. Friends call you about a round of golf – sounds good. Until you arrive at the golf grounds only to find out you left your cell phone at home. Oh MY God! I cannot play golf and not have my cell phone handy for work calls that will take me moments away from finishing a round of golf! Drive back home to pick up cell phone or do I dare indulge in some down time, some cyber free time and take in the splendor of the surroundings and the great weather?

I love tennis as a fan. I cannot play and haven’t played for decades do to an injury but I am a huge fan. My dream is to fly around the world for a year as a fan, taking in the major tournaments and minor ones that occur. Starting in January in Australia and ending in Queens for the U.S. Open. Ah, what a dream. If only my screenplay has been sold, the movie made, the cash deposited. Ah, well, back to work for now. Try to enjoy some summer sun and down time while you can. Remember you can’t play golf, walk the block, or garden under a blanket of snow and ice! You could watch the Australian Open but that is months away.