Every Step I Take…

(Hiking the Akinase Ridge in the Mohave Desert in Utah, I huffed and puffed as I climbed 1200 feet up into the ridge but Nothing happened to my knees or joints. Oh, yeah, I did get some big blisters.  Blah!)01a3f2a534a25b7925ea667eb0b3c3ef31dfe113fc

August 30, 2016 I went to the ocean to enjoy the last weekend of August at one of the best beaches I know.  I’ve done it dozens and dozens and dozens of times over my life.  I’ve cut my feet on shells, razor clams and the like to no big concern.  This time while exiting the rough water, there were five feet waves and rip tides due to the Tropical Storm down south, I was feeling hesitant.  No one really swims at the ocean, you body surf or bob up and down in the waves just off shore.  I’ve walked, jogged and ran over sand many times over my life with no consequence.  This time however, I was left stupefied by the Popping sound heard coming from my left knee.  Was that my knee I said out loud?  What was that?  Like a champagne cork but no bubbly to be seen.  I stood staring at my knee and turned left just to get walloped by an incoming wave.  That wave knocked me over!


A woman nearby came running over to me and asked if I was okay?  No, I said.  I heard my knee pop and was afraid to move.  Her daughter was bobbing up and down in the waves happily and carefree. She said ice it when I get home. I did get out of the water and another beach goer said to me, “I saw what happened are you okay?”  No, I heard my left knee pop but I can walk on it and there’s no pain.  “Use ice a lot,” said the stranger.  It felt weird but I could walk on it.  Took all my beach gear and went back across the wide sand to my car.  No, happy hour and last band of the summer for me!

The next day my knee was blown up swollen and couldn’t walk on it or bend it.  Ugh!! What followed was even worse. I couldn’t find a doctor, Orthopedist who took my New York Health Market insurance plan.  Or, the doctor did but was on vacation or booked.  I ended up at the ER the next day.  With an x-ray it confirmed moderate swelling.Really?  I had no bones broken and the ER doctor pulled my calf and bent my leg and pulled on it.  He thought my ligaments were strong. However, I told him of the Wiggly feeling I had and screamed when I felt my knee going sideways.  I left with gifts!  Crutches and the Immobilizer!  So, I left in a wheelchair with crutches and a brace that will  not let my knee bend!knee-sprain

Hence immobilizer.  They said the POP was most likely a Meniscus tear and several internet searches yielded the same conclusion.  Just got an MRI today and I have a visit with Orthopedist this Friday so will find out the results then. Until then, every step I take, is planned, short and careful.  Do you know how many steps it is back and forth in your bedroom to get ready in the morning for the day?  Seriously, more than I ever gave a thought to.





A Day at the Museum

A Museum Can Bring the World to You.


#Rodin’s Garden in Paris is amazing that you can touch and feel the many carved pieces he made hundreds of years ago in a museum, once a house and garden where Rodin actually lived.

Above, I stand below his full size The Thinker – a smaller version can be seen in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City as well as many other sculptures.  On my most recent birthday a few weeks ago I visited the Met as it is called, to take in the permanent exhibits as well as current ones, which are only visiting for a time.  My visits are few and far between but the Met is by far my favorite museum because I can travel around the world inside and still be close to home. On this most recent visit I went to Egypt, Greece, Africa, Asia, Japan, and parts of America all within 3 hours time. They have 3 restaurants to choose from inside and the food is good, the views of Central Park, wonderful.

Entrance to Temple statuesarcophagus

My all time favorite place at the Met is the Egyptian section.  They have real temples pieces  taken from the actual Pyramids famous outside of Cairo in valleys where archeologists dug decades ago. You can see a sarcophagus or two but no real mummies are there. So many paintings and artifacts that if you were to only stay in this section it could easily take hours to see all the pieces one by one. But, it’s a lot easier and less hot than actually traveling to Egypt.  I’ve been to the British Museum in London as well and if you like Egyptian artifacts they have them nearly on top of each other there including the actual Ramses Head and the Rosetta Stone.

As one section of Asia was being reassembled for a new exhibition on China: Through the Looking Glass and had part of the exhibit closed, I explored the American Wing which I really hadn’t paid much attention to before.  Louis Comfort Tiffany has several windows he made on display – Priceless, as most museum pieces are and absolutely gorgeous in person.

Tiffany windowsTiffany grapes close upOn my visit to Japan I saw many examples of Jade dating back two or more centuries old.  No pictures in that section are allowed.  Leave it to the Japanese to glam up a deer. The example below is taxidermy and then ornately decorated with glass balls and crystal balls.  Gives me some ideas to deal with the abundant deer population on eastern Long Island.

Blinged out deerWherever you are, or want to go, there is a museum near you, where you can explore many cultures, artifacts and learn more about other countries history as well as our own even if you can’t travel outside of the country.  A Stay-cation at a museum can be a great getaway and renew your interests near and far.

I’m planning my next excursion soon.

Summer Time Blues

Snow Dock

Have you got too much to do? Is the sun shining, the birds singing, the air steamy? It’s summer and there is so much you could do outside from yard work to puttering in the garden, including watering your precious flowers. But, work is still calling. Someone calls you just after you leave the office asking for the document you scanned and emailed last week. Ok, now back to the office to send it off again. Friends call you about a round of golf – sounds good. Until you arrive at the golf grounds only to find out you left your cell phone at home. Oh MY God! I cannot play golf and not have my cell phone handy for work calls that will take me moments away from finishing a round of golf! Drive back home to pick up cell phone or do I dare indulge in some down time, some cyber free time and take in the splendor of the surroundings and the great weather?

I love tennis as a fan. I cannot play and haven’t played for decades do to an injury but I am a huge fan. My dream is to fly around the world for a year as a fan, taking in the major tournaments and minor ones that occur. Starting in January in Australia and ending in Queens for the U.S. Open. Ah, what a dream. If only my screenplay has been sold, the movie made, the cash deposited. Ah, well, back to work for now. Try to enjoy some summer sun and down time while you can. Remember you can’t play golf, walk the block, or garden under a blanket of snow and ice! You could watch the Australian Open but that is months away.