Every Step I Take…

(Hiking the Akinase Ridge in the Mohave Desert in Utah, I huffed and puffed as I climbed 1200 feet up into the ridge but Nothing happened to my knees or joints. Oh, yeah, I did get some big blisters.  Blah!)01a3f2a534a25b7925ea667eb0b3c3ef31dfe113fc

August 30, 2016 I went to the ocean to enjoy the last weekend of August at one of the best beaches I know.  I’ve done it dozens and dozens and dozens of times over my life.  I’ve cut my feet on shells, razor clams and the like to no big concern.  This time while exiting the rough water, there were five feet waves and rip tides due to the Tropical Storm down south, I was feeling hesitant.  No one really swims at the ocean, you body surf or bob up and down in the waves just off shore.  I’ve walked, jogged and ran over sand many times over my life with no consequence.  This time however, I was left stupefied by the Popping sound heard coming from my left knee.  Was that my knee I said out loud?  What was that?  Like a champagne cork but no bubbly to be seen.  I stood staring at my knee and turned left just to get walloped by an incoming wave.  That wave knocked me over!


A woman nearby came running over to me and asked if I was okay?  No, I said.  I heard my knee pop and was afraid to move.  Her daughter was bobbing up and down in the waves happily and carefree. She said ice it when I get home. I did get out of the water and another beach goer said to me, “I saw what happened are you okay?”  No, I heard my left knee pop but I can walk on it and there’s no pain.  “Use ice a lot,” said the stranger.  It felt weird but I could walk on it.  Took all my beach gear and went back across the wide sand to my car.  No, happy hour and last band of the summer for me!

The next day my knee was blown up swollen and couldn’t walk on it or bend it.  Ugh!! What followed was even worse. I couldn’t find a doctor, Orthopedist who took my New York Health Market insurance plan.  Or, the doctor did but was on vacation or booked.  I ended up at the ER the next day.  With an x-ray it confirmed moderate swelling.Really?  I had no bones broken and the ER doctor pulled my calf and bent my leg and pulled on it.  He thought my ligaments were strong. However, I told him of the Wiggly feeling I had and screamed when I felt my knee going sideways.  I left with gifts!  Crutches and the Immobilizer!  So, I left in a wheelchair with crutches and a brace that will  not let my knee bend!knee-sprain

Hence immobilizer.  They said the POP was most likely a Meniscus tear and several internet searches yielded the same conclusion.  Just got an MRI today and I have a visit with Orthopedist this Friday so will find out the results then. Until then, every step I take, is planned, short and careful.  Do you know how many steps it is back and forth in your bedroom to get ready in the morning for the day?  Seriously, more than I ever gave a thought to.





What I Learned This Summer


Ah, it’s back to school time!  Kiddies off to school, cooler weather blowing in, shorter days, shorter nights, etc.  I look forward to some of these things and others I do not.  I don’t like shorter days – I would like to take a walk up til 8PM all throughout the year.  The increasing darkness makes that hard.  I miss all the outdoor summer activities that are around – outdoor music, outdoor dining, being able to walk on the beach without a parka.

During this past summer I learned much about fishing and its’ tackle.  My dad was an awesome fisherman by most accounts and it was his main hobby. Like all hobbies, one will buy what one wants to buy in that hobby category without regard to cost, amount, use, ability to store it, or anything else that makes rational sense.  I took it on my duty to try and sell some of my dads hundreds of pieces of fishing equipment.  I still have some if you are interested – email me here.  Pick-up is essential and it’s a lovely drive to eastern Long Island in case you were wondering.  Mostly it was men who came here to look, buy, be in awe, and get a bargain.  So to sum it all up, I put a list together for you to learn from me.  Here it is:

1) If you want to negotiate you work in finance: Sounds easy but I discounted all the fishing items, especially reels.  I learned a lot in the first week after Google and Ebay taught me price points. If you got a $15 reel the first week and didn’t the next – thank ebay! There was only 1 man daring to counter my low prices, and when asked if he worked in finance said, “Why yes I do have an MBA and work in Finance.” I’m more intuitive then most people know.

2) Let them think you don’t know anything about the equipment then quote prices on Ebay!  Seems right because I like to see how much these men knew about the retail costs as well.  And, after the first week (everyone has a learning curve) I blew them away with my knowledge of Penn, Abu Garcia, Lures, Lead Weighters, etc.  

3) There’s a market for Everything in good condition: Ebay and the men who wanted to buy older, or vintage reels blew me away in their price to pursue ownership of certain reels.  Abu Garcia – a Swedish reel maker (No not the singing group) and well regarded, snagged the highest single price for an older reel in its original box and instructions.

4) Anyone with a fishing hobby can never have enough, rods, reels, lures, or hooks. I met men who had dozens of reels and wanted to buy more.  Do you use them all?  I asked.  No, but it’s great to have them they said. OK.

5) You Don’t know where the best buyer will come from.  I had two young men, early twenties contact me and came out from  an hour maybe 45 minutes away.  They wouldn’t tell me the name of their town, although I asked everyone for first and last name.  I figured they will buy a few things and be gone.  They each bought the most amount in a single visit that anyone did.  They both made their own lures, and bought the 2 bags of buck tail we had.  They bought 3 lead molds each to make their own weighters, and many lures, hooks and a rod.  Well done.  They fish for food.  Way to go!

6) If you have something you want to sell in your home – start by word of mouth. I started with my church sphere, then paid advertising, then free advertising.  All got people interested and resulted in sales.

7) If you are letting strangers in your home get phone numbers, first and last name.  Caller ID makes it easier today than ever to do this.  By getting their information upfront, in case there ever was a negative incident – suspecting someone of stealing or something (and there wasn’t here) you will have the basics to put in a call to the police.  Realtor’s when doing Open Houses routinely ask for this info as well – most home owners want to know who is coming into their home.  Wouldn’t you?

8) You are not going to make thousands off your stuff.  Aside from the Antiques Road Show dream where you bring in an old item that gets appraised for free to be worth thousands of dollars, most hobby related stuff will not fetch that much.  You may get enough for a nice dinner out but be realistic.

9) Older lures that look faded and not worth much maybe are.  One young man, in his early twenties taught me much about lures – striped bass Atoms, and Reverse Squids – both of which are not made anymore.  These lures are legend and preferred by Striper fans everywhere because they work well – that is getting the fish to bite. If you want some I still have them!

10) You are never too old to learn something.  I got to understand the laws and likes of fishing by selling all this stuff.  I didn’t want to use eBay – never did before, but did and was successful in selling.  I got to understand my dad’s hobby better and the people, men, who like to use the equipment and enjoy the sport.

Well, that wraps it up for my summer learning experience. I hope you learned something along the way too.  Until next time, good fishing!ImageImageImage

Summertime and the Feet

OK it has been a while since a new original post of mine has come your way.  I’ve been preoccupied with summer, family, and the feet.  That is right the feet.  I had a blow out in a Flip-Flop in early June.  I didn’t take it too seriously after all, things can and do happen.  After a third episode of pain on the bottom of the foot and a trip into NYC that required a lot of walking it was time.  I told a friend of mine who is a nurse and they said – “it sounds like plantar fasciitis.”  What to do?

Sneakers, some foot therapy, and anti-inflammatory medications are the treatment.  All of us regardless of our circumstances could use that combination at many times throughout the year. 

So, it is with due authority I show you the culprit. 

Flip Flop circle

If you start in Flip-Flops, then flats, you will end up in sneakers.  People beware! 

A Flip-Flop blowout can happen to you too. 

Lesson: Take care of the feet or they will take care of you.

Lights! Camera! Action!

(Almost 4 years ago I was an extra in a movie filming here on LI where I live.  Josh Dumel is still married to Fergie even though at the time there was that “scandal” in Georgia following him around. Anna Paquin is now married to her then fiancee and Tom and Katie, well not so well.  How time has flown by.  Enjoy for some easy #Summer reading! Oh and if you buy the DVD – fast forward to almost the end and you can see ME running off from the wedding!) Oriignally published November 2009

Well last week I finally got my fifteen minutes of fame! Did you miss me?  I was an extra on the film “The Romantics” filming in my home town on LI.  I got to work in the movies for 11 hours and was paid for 10.  I believe that is what they call Hollywood Accounting 101.  It was an amazing experience.  I am not a morning person but had to be on set at 7AM.  I was up at 5:30AM – normally at that time I am going off to surgery or taking someone to surgery and then back to sleep. Not this time.  After sitting for two hours and told I had to change my clothes and have some product put into my hair – Hey I love hair and make-up – we finally went to the outdoor scene – A wedding. Yes I was a wedding guest to Josh Dumel’s and Anna Paquin’s character’s wedding.  It is so normal to have an outdoor wedding on the water in November on LI?!?!  It wasn’t bad for the first few hours of sitting and doing nothing.  But, after no lunch break ( we did get some small bags of popcorn, pretzel sticks, and few left over bagel pieces and bottles of water) what little we had were quickly taken away at our guest chairs.  We saw paparazzi doing what they do but this time their approach was by kayak and canoe and then they placed aluminum ladders on the small strip of beach and stood on them to take many pictures.  There were no lines in the scenes that they were shooting so for one scene, all we heard were the click, click, click of the cameras.  It really is a different world! Finally we got to go to our holding area.  No not a cell, but a bus with heat!  Yeah!

After an hour or so warming up, nodding off, and contemplating my future career in show biz, we were called back to the set for the final scene of the day.  Yes, it rains on us!  Don’t be jealous!  It was now a warm  46 or so and no sun to be seen.  Everyone was freezing!  Finally the scene was shot, we were rained on, and ran off!  Will you see me in the movie?  Maybe the rain scene as I ran past one camera three times – we had three takes.

The most thrilling moment? When they wiped me down from getting wet in between two takes – oh how I was spoiled!  Really nice people those SAG extras that I worked with that day.  Some complained all day. Others were there for their pension, healthcare bene’s, and to add-on to their credits.  Tom Cruise and Suri came to pick up Katie Holmes who is also starring in the movie and all cast and crew had lunch at a Church – lunch was at 5Pm.  That would be 2PM LA time so…  All and all, it was an amazing day.  And now I can say, I was an extra on a movie!

Fried Green Tomatoes

Well it’s that time of year again.  Steamy, hot, and sunny the kind of days we dream for in the cool of the winter.  I was reminded recently of that great movie “Fried Green Tomatoes”.  If you haven’t seen it do!  Kathy Bates, Jessica Tandy, Mary Stuart Masterson (she had some great parts in her day and reminds me of younger years!)  Strong, weak, southern woman who all combine to help each other out in a personal way.  I don’t recall the financial stresses or career concerns in this movie.  Yay!  We have enough of that going on in our real lives.  It was all on the personal side. Of course they ate, BBQ!  It’s summer time – 100 degrees – what better time to stand over a hot grill and cook ribs especially in the south?  The movie has fond memories within it that touch on the characters youth.  It is also life affirming in the way they help each other out – of course Mary Stuart Masterson’s character is strong and another girl is weak. So goes the story line.  From younger years to grandmother years are covered.  Reminded me of family that is past and how fond our memories can be.  It’s a good place to check into every now and again.

Since I was thinking about the movie I went to an art exhibit last weekend near the ocean on Long Island.  Jen Goings studio in WHB.  Summer dresses, ocean breezes, and some very interesting art – what could be better.  Yes, there was free wine and champagne too!  A very unique collection of pieces by Susan Benarcik was displayed.  After meeting the artist herself I again thought I have to write my next Blog on my memory of “Fried Green Tomatoes”.  She was encouraging about my writing and I was encouraging about her art.  You can see her art for yourself at http://www.susanbenarcik.com.  Cool stuff focusing on paper, print and some photography.  If you check her site out tell her I sent you.   And, if you haven’t seen the movie in a while go rent it,  and let me know what you thought.  Have some BBQ at the same time too and remember fondly your own past.  Peace of mind.