IT’s a tough Job Market…

Pet sitting is the new “in job” for the summer. I thought I was being cutting edge, new and innovative when I decided to post my willingness to do pet/house sitting.  I went into one pet store in Hampton Bays only to see about ten business cards boasting of similar interest to sit your pet.  “Oh this is the new job for the summer,” said the owner/manager of the store.  I was tempted to rip down all the cards I saw in the fair is fair reverie that one in this tight job market is feeling consciously or unconsciously.  You will be glad to know I did not.  Hey my posting states REALTOR with a Masters degree too. I am more over qualified to pet sit than anyone else so I have the upper hand there.  Becky and Casey didn’t state that.  They might even be teenagers.  GHAST!!!


Hello world!

Twirling Hair could be the title of my life story. Just submitted my second story writing contest piece.  All short prose so far – my specialty from my broadcast journalism days.  Cut it down!  It’s fun to see your story ideas come to fruition and have people actually enjoy the story too.  Still searching for a literary agent or children’s picture book publisher.  These days are tough all over and many publishers aren’t committing to new works for the next year – especially from a new author.  This whole new social media thing is a kick! For sure!  Just when you think you’ve got it down some new app comes along to prove you have more to learn.