Summertime and the Feet

OK it has been a while since a new original post of mine has come your way.  I’ve been preoccupied with summer, family, and the feet.  That is right the feet.  I had a blow out in a Flip-Flop in early June.  I didn’t take it too seriously after all, things can and do happen.  After a third episode of pain on the bottom of the foot and a trip into NYC that required a lot of walking it was time.  I told a friend of mine who is a nurse and they said – “it sounds like plantar fasciitis.”  What to do?

Sneakers, some foot therapy, and anti-inflammatory medications are the treatment.  All of us regardless of our circumstances could use that combination at many times throughout the year. 

So, it is with due authority I show you the culprit. 

Flip Flop circle

If you start in Flip-Flops, then flats, you will end up in sneakers.  People beware! 

A Flip-Flop blowout can happen to you too. 

Lesson: Take care of the feet or they will take care of you.