Holiday Wishes and New Year Hopes

As the Christmas season winds down the year, I wish one and all happy, healthy, holiday cheer! With the passing of my father this season is sadder than others but I still have a gift for everyone.  Enjoy my original Third Grade Tale.  Merry Christmas to all and let’s hope for a happy, healthy and prosperous new year too!

A Horse named Jen

Once upon a time, somewhere in the mid-west United States, there was a farmer named Joe.  Joe’s farm had chickens, cows, and horses.  He grew corn, cabbage, carrots, potatoes, tomatoes and lettuce, beets, and green beans, but not peas. He said peas were too hard to grow. Corn was by far the biggest crop that the farmer had and required the most work when it was time for harvest.  Potatoes were the second largest crop and the smallest field was beets.  One day, Joe realized he needed to get another horse to help him out on the farm.  Henry, an older horse could not help around on the farm the way he used to.  He and Mike, who worked on his farm, took off in their old orange truck to find another horse.  They drove down the dirt road past two other farms until they came to the farm called Serendipity.  It was there that Joe and Mike first saw the white horse with a big black spot on her side.  The spot looked like a saddle. First, they checked her hooves and her coat up close.  Then, they each took turns taking her for a ride. Joe and Mike both liked the way she rode and her mild manner.  They paid the owner that day and took the horse home and named her Jen.

Once home they put Jen in the barn.  The older horse, Henry welcomed Jen to her new home.   He knew Jen would be a great help to the farm.  In the corner of the barn there were some pigs, and ducks that the farmer kept too.  Farmer Joe would take the pigs to shows sometimes to compete with other pigs. He had even won a few ribbons at these shows in the past.  He kept the ribbons on the wall near the pigpen.  The pigs all took notice of Jen and said their hellos. The white ducks wander from the barn to the small pond and back and forth throughout the day.  Of course, the ducks did not help on the farm. They quacked around Jen and made it known they were excited to meet her. There were two cows too. Of course, the cows gave milk and Joe sold the milk to his neighbors who came to the farm to buy it. Farmer Joe also had some chickens but they had their own home outside of the barn.  The chicken coop had five different pens inside and the chickens gave the farmer fresh eggs every day.  He would sell these eggs too along with the milk at a stand he kept at the front of his property near the road.  This was a great new home for Jen.  She was excited to be on the farm in her new home.

The next week there was such a storm with rain and wind that many things at the farm were blown around, and up and down.  Joe needed to go out to the store, and get some feed for the animals, but his truck would not start.  He got out, and his legs were covered in mud. The truck, he soon saw was stuck in the mud as well.  Joe went to get Jen and strapped a harness to her to pull the truck out.  Jen moved forward with a few steps and was able to get the truck out of the thick mud.  Joe then started the truck and was able to go and get some food for all of the animals.  From that day on, Jen was the most favored horse on the farm.